Board of Directors


Travis Norris

Brings 16 years of financial operations and sales management with a proven track record of driving profitable growth by instilling an entrepreneurial culture and crafting strategic transactions. Travis has broad experience, which includes high-growth startups and a detailed focus on strategy, product, business development, and finance roles. 


Peter Brighton

Has 14 years experience in building successful internet-based advertising companies worthy of acquisition, whose mission is to discover and implement online solutions for e-commerce. Peter has developed numerous online solutions and sites with an impressive track record for development, creation, revenue growth, and success. 


Mike Lillioja

With over 23 years experience in sourcing product from all over the world, Mike is an expert in dealing with the complexities of international trade and delivering product on time, to budget and on spec. As a CPA, Mike focuses on delivering results that have a positive impact on our clients bottom line.